Championships Dates 2016

CC= club championship.           
SS= summer series.                  
Club championship ,7 out of 9 to count.
Summer series 3 out of 4 rounds to count.


Jan 10th    5th Rd Winter.  cancelled 


Feb 7th      Open.   Wolverley


Feb 28th    1st CC rd.   Wolverley


Mar 6th   2nd CC rd.   Highley


April 3rd   3rd CC rd.    Hazeley Grange


May 1st/2nd  4th CC rd and open meeting on the 2nd.    Clifton


May 14th/15th Wasps clubmans rd.    Fatcats


June 19th   5th CC rd, 1st rd SS.    Wolverley


July  3rd    6th CC rd, 2nd rd SS.    Clifton


July  24th    spare date.


Aug 28th   7th CC rd, 3rd SS.   Drayton Manor


Sep 11th    8th CC rd, 4th rd SS.    Hazeley Grange


Sep 25th    9th CC rd. TBA


Oct  9th     spare CC, 1st rd WS.   Hobs Hole


Oct  23rd  2nd rd WS.    Wolverley


 Nov 6th    3rd rd WS.    Highley


 Dec 4th    4th  rd WS.   Wolverley

Clubmans dates, Mar 19th/20th. April 16th/17th. May 14th/15th. June 11th/12th. July 9th/10th. Sep 3rd/4th.
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