Championships Dates 2015

CC= club championship.           Qualifier=bsma championship
SS= summer series.                   Semi final date June 8th
                                                      Finals date August 16th 17th
Club championship ,8 out of 10 to count.
Summer series 3 out of 4 rounds to count.


Jan 4th Highley OPEN - Spare Winter


Jan 18th Court Farm - Wolverley OPEN - Spare Winter 


Feb 1st Highley canceled 


Feb 15th Court Farm - Wolverley R1 Club Championship


Mar 1st Highley R2 Club Championship


Mar 22nd  


April 5th Hobs hole R3 Club Championship


April 19th Clifton-on-Teme R4 Club Championship


May 10th Highley R5 Club Championship


May 24th Hazeley Grange R1 Summer Series & R6 Club Championship


June 7th  FATCATS  motoparc  R2 Summer Series & R7 Club Championship 


June 21st Clifton-on-Teme R3 Summer Series (Spare CC date) 


July 4th/5th Fatcat motoparc Bridgestone Series 


July 12th Drayton Manor R4 Summer Series (Spare CC date)


July 26th TBA R8 Club Championship 


Sept 13th Court Farm - Wolverley R9 Club Championship 


Sept 27th Hazeley Grange Club Championship RD10 (Spare CC Date)


Oct 11th Hobs hole R1 WINTER SERIES 


Oct 25th Court Farm - Wolverley R2 WINTER SERIES


Nov 22nd Highley R3 WINTER SERIES 


Dec 6th Court Farm - Wolverley R4 WINTER SERIES



Regestration fee £30 . Forms also available to down load from bsma website.
  • Warley wasps dates will stay as they are, any of the other dates or venues may cha.
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